recent case summaries


In re J.P.
D065390 : 8/26/2014

Juvenile court is not required to hold a six-month review hearing to determine if reasonable services have been provided prior to terminating reunification services. Prior to the six-month review hearing, J.P., the minor, filed a 388 peti...

People v. Lujano
E057671 : 8/26/2014

Trial court erred by denying motion to suppress evidence because police had no probable cause to justify the warrantless detention of defendant in his home. Police observed a man, Vargas, in front of a home stripping copper wire from an a...

People v. J.S.
E058471 : 8/26/2014

Defendant was entitled to have her petition challenging her MDO classification heard on the merits after her initial commitment period expired because the petition was filed during the initial year of commitment and was not moot. Defendant...

James v. California
F065003 : 8/26/2014

A misdemeanor battery committed against a spouse constitutes "misdemeanor crime of domestic violence" under federal gun law. [On transfer from the California Supreme Court after the United States Supreme Court's decision in U.S. v. Cas...

U.S. v. Fowlkes
11-50273 : 8/25/2014

Denial of motion to suppress evidence reversed where police, who had no warrant and no medical training, forcibly removed drugs from suspect's rectum. Fowlkes was the subject of surveillance by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents...

People v. Baniani
G048535 : 8/22/2014

Trial court prejudicially erred by precluding defendant who ran a nonprofit medical marijuana collective from presenting a defense under the Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMPA). Defendant operated a nonprofit medical marijuana collective....

Hernandez v. Spearman
09-55306 : 8/22/2014

The prison mailbox rule applies when a prisoner delivers a habeas petition on behalf of another prisoner to prison authorities for forwarding to the court clerk. Hernandez, a California prisoner, filed a pro se federal habeas petition afte...