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People v. Christman
A138287 : 9/10/2014

The "one-quarter mile" residency restriction in Welfare and Institutions Code section 6608.5, subdivision (f) should be measured by a straight-line method, rather than a pedestrian-route method. After approximately 15 years of inpatient tr...

McMonagle v. Meyer
12-15360 : 9/10/2014

For California misdemeanants, finality for purposes AEDPA occurs once the California Supreme Court denies their state habeas petition and the U.S. Supreme Court denies certiorari or the 90-day period for filing a petition for certiorari expires. Case Details

People v. Doolittle
H037391 : 9/8/2014

Statute of limitations may bar some fraud charges where victim was placed on notice after his investment payments stopped. Defendant was convicted of theft by false pretenses, theft from elder adult, and securities violations, based on his...

People v. Youn
B25301 : 9/5/2014

Suppression of evidence obtained by warrantless blood draw from drunk driving suspect is not required because officers reasonably relied on binding appellate precedent in seizing the evidence. Without obtaining a warrant, police Officer Ol...

People v. Atkins
B253416 : 9/4/2014

Inmate is eligible for Strike Reform resentencing even though his commitment offenses included serious felonies, because he was not serving an indeterminate term for those offenses. In 2002, Atkins was convicted of four counts of making cr...

People v. Canizales
E054056 : 9/4/2014

"Kill zone" instruction was properly given where defendants fired five shots into group of rival gang members. Defendants were convicted of murder, attempted murder, and gun use, all committed for the benefit of a gang. On appeal they rais...

People v. Macabeo
B248316 : 9/3/2014

Suppression of evidence found during warrantless search of cell phone incident to arrest was not required because officers conducted search in reasonable reliance on appellate precedent. Torrance police observed Macabeo commit a traffic in...