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People v. Phoenix
C069195 : 11/24/2014

When a trial court imposes a consolidated sentence in multiple cases, it must award custody credits related to an earlier case even when the earlier case was in a different county. In December 2008, Phoenix was convicted of a crime in Sacr...

In re M.D.
A139888 : 11/24/2014

Evidence Code section 1161, which prohibits introduction of evidence of commercial sexual acts by a victim of human trafficking to prove a criminal offense, does not reallocate the accused's burden of proving foundational facts. The juveni...

People v. Moreno
A138758 : 11/21/2014

Once defendant's felonies were reduced to misdemeanors, he was ineligible to petition for a certificate of rehabilitation. In 1971, Moreno was convicted of possessing barbiturates. In 1973 he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon. ...

People v. Gardner
A135615 : 11/21/2014

Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying request for self-representation where defendant suffered from an expressive language disorder that would prevent him from coherently communicating with the court or a jury. Gardner was co...

People v. Smith
S210898 : 11/20/2014

Defendant was properly convicted of murdering members of his own gang as a natural and probable consequence of his participation in a gang "jump out." Smith, a member of the Gateway Posse gang, was involved in arranging for his brother, Mc...