recent case summaries


People v. Christiansen
B252804 : 9/30/2014

After finding defendant factually innocent, trial court erred by refusing to order the destruction of her fingerprint impressions, taken at time of arrest. Appellant was found guilty of conflict of interest (Gov. Code, 1090) and appealed...

People v. Fields
A135605 : 9/30/2014

Felony punishment for oral copulation with a minor, while sexual intercourse with a minor is punishable as a misdemeanor, does not violate equal protection of the law. Defendants Fields and Griffin were convicted of numerous sexual offense...

In re Francisco D.
B251917 : 9/29/2014

Removal of minor was proper because adoptive mother's abuse of his sibling created a substantial risk that minor would also be abused. Mother and the adoptive father adopted two siblings, Francisco and Fabiola in 2010. In 2013, Fabiola d...

Deck v. Jenkins
13-55130 : 9/29/2014

Conviction for attempted lewd act on child reversed where prosecutor misstated intent required for crime during argument. Deck, a California Highway Patrol officer, was convicted of attempted lewd act on a minor, after he was caught in an ...

People v. Doss
A137203 : 9/26/2014

Trial court's use of wrong legal standard in revoking defendant's right to self-representation under Faretta v. California (1975) 422 U.S. 806, requires conditional reversal. Doss was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and ...

People v. Espinosa
B249493 : 9/25/2014

Trial court lacked jurisdiction to modify first degree murder conviction to second degree murder and to resentence defendant because a notice of appeal had been filed. A jury found defendant guilty of first degree murder for the stabbing d...