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Reminder: Requests for Preauthorization for Habeas Work Must Be Sent to CCAP First

In both the Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, appointed counsel must move to expand the appointment to seek compensation for all writ petition work, including habeas corpus, mandamus, and certiorari.

In both the Third District and Fifth District, expansion requests must be submitted to CCAP first for project input and a recommendation to the court. Counsel should not file expansion requests directly in the Court of Appeal. For more information on the procedures for obtaining preauthorization, see CCAP's article on Preauthorization Steps and Procedures.


SDAP Annual Seminar
Friday October 16, 2020

SDAP will host its annual training on Friday October 16, 2020, at the Judicial Council's conference center in San Francisco (note the date has changed due to the COVID-19 emergency). An application requesting four hours of MCLE credit for this activity (including one hour for ethics) is pending for approval by the State Bar of California.

Additional details about the training and instructions for registering will be provided by SDAP closer to the new seminar date.




New CCAP Webpage with COVID-19 Updates

CCAP has created a new webpage for COVID-19 announcements. Going forward, we will use this webpage to communicate COVID-19 updates from our courts (as we learn about them) and CCAP. Please refer to this webpage and to the courts' homepages for updates on this developing situation.

Some highlights (go to the COVID-19 announcement webpage for more details):

--NEW on 4/22: The Third District and Fifth District have issued new 30-day extension orders, but the orders do not apply to any briefs or petitions in juvenile dependency appeals and writs.

--The Third District’s and Fifth District’s 30-day extension orders (both the initial orders and the new orders) now apply to petitions for rehearing. The time to file a petition for rehearing shall not, under any circumstances, be extended by more than a total of 30 days.

--Based on the Courts of Appeal's 30-day extension orders, the deadline for filing a petition for review is now automatically extended in cases where a decision is not immediately final under the California Rules of Court. The deadline will not be extended by more than a total of 30 days. See CCAP' s COVID-19 announcement page for details.

--The Third District’s and Fifth District’s 30-day extension orders apply to supplemental briefs. However, be aware that orders for court-directed supplemental briefing may state that the 30-day extension period does not apply.

--NEW on 4/9: The Third District and Fifth District have provided additional information on the application of their 30-day extension orders to supplemental briefs

NEW on 4/1: CCAP is now removing the plastic cover from transcripts

--The Third District cancelled oral arguments for the month of April.

--The Fifth District has suspended in-person oral arguments until further notice.

--The California Supreme Court (CSC) issued an order extending deadlines for 30 days.

--The CSC expanded electronic filing via TrueFiling, and no paper copies should be sent to the court.

--The CSC has suspended in-person oral arguments until further notice.






Update on JCC Delays in Processing Claims

The JCC Accounting Department has been experiencing some computer problems, which caused some delays in processing panel claims since approximately the second full week of May. The JCC has indicated that, as of May 29, 2020, the problems that caused these delays have been resolved, and all delayed claims will be sent to the Controller for payment processing. The JCC predicts that all payments will be sent out next week.

The project directors wish to thank the entire statewide panel for exercising amazing patience and forbearance regarding this issue. We are very sorry for the difficulties the JCC’s computer problems have caused.


Staff Attorney Job Announcement

CCAP is now accepting applications for a staff attorney position. The job announcement, which includes instructions for submitting an application, is available on CCAP’s website here (PDF).

Please feel free to share this job posting with other attorneys who may be interested in the position.