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TrueFiling Update: New Launch Date for the California Supreme Court

TrueFiling will be updating to TrueFiling 3.0 in the California Courts of Appeal and California Supreme Court.

TrueFiling 3.0 is now live in the Third District and Fifth District.

TrueFiling 3.0 is now live in the California Supreme Court on July 27, 2019.

More information about the update, actions required by TrueFiling users, and upcoming training information is available on TrueFiling's website here (external link).

CCAP has created instructions for filing a document in TrueFiling 3.0 in the Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, which are available on our website here (PDF)..


Now Accepting Applications for CCAP Staff Attorney Position

CCAP is now accepting applications for a staff attorney position. The job announcement, which includes instructions for submitting an application, is available on CCAP’s website here.

Please feel free to share this job posting with other attorneys who may be interested in the position.




Third District Practice Tip: When Appeal Involves the Record in a Prior Case

When a current appeal involves a record from a prior appeal, and appointed counsel would like the record from the prior appeal as part of the record for the present appeal, counsel should file a motion to incorporate by reference, not a motion to augment or a motion for judicial notice. (See Cal. Rules of Court, Rule 8.147(b).) If the motion is granted, the Court of Appeal will contact counsel to find out what portions of the record counsel needs for the appeal and will send copies to counsel.


CCAP's New Line-By-Line Guide for Claims

CCAP's Line-by-Line Guide for Claims (PDF) has been updated following the rollout of the Statewide Claims Manual. Its purpose is to provide instruction regarding the correct claim line placement of services and expenses. The guide also includes court-specific policies for compensation that apply for Third District and Fifth District cases.