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Recommendations from the Bench: Presenting Video Oral Arguments

CCAP has posted a new resource, Recommendations from the Bench: Presenting Video Oral Arguments (PDF) that includes tips and advice for presenting a video oral argument.


Reminder: Requests for Preauthorization for Habeas Work Must Be Sent to CCAP First

In both the Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, appointed counsel must move to expand the appointment to seek compensation for all writ petition work, including habeas corpus, mandamus, and certiorari.

In both the Third District and Fifth District, expansion requests must be submitted to CCAP first for project input and a recommendation to the court. Counsel should not file expansion requests directly in the Court of Appeal. For more information on the procedures for obtaining preauthorization, see CCAP's article on Preauthorization Steps and Procedures.





Verifying CCAP Has Received Service Documents

To help facilitate the processing of panel claims, CCAP is going to begin verifying we have received all documents that have been filed in a case once the court's opinion is filed. Support staff may reach out to you to request any missing documents based on our review of the court's docket and the case documents we have received. Please provide the requested documents to help prevent delays in the processing of your claim once it is submitted.

CCAP Webpage with COVID-19 Updates

CCAP has created a webpage for COVID-19 announcements. Going forward, we will use this webpage to communicate COVID-19 updates from our courts (as we learn about them) and CCAP. Please refer to this webpage and to the courts' homepages for updates on this developing situation.







Interim COVID-19 Claims Extended through June 30, 2022

The JCC has approved an extension for submission of additional interim COVID-19 claims through the end of the 2021-2022 fiscal year, i.e. June 30, 2022. This includes:

--A pre-AOB interim claim: (1) where the record length exceeds 1,500 pages, and (2) where counsel has been waiting for an augmented or corrected record longer than 90 days; and
--An additional, post-AOB interim claim may be submitted after the reply brief is filed.

The letter from the JCC authorizing the extension is available here (link to PDF). Categories of billable time for these claims are explained in the joint-project memo, which is available here (link to PDF).