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Reminder: Requests for Preauthorization for Habeas Work Must Be Sent to CCAP First

In both the Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, appointed counsel must move to expand the appointment to seek compensation for all writ petition work, including habeas corpus, mandamus, and certiorari.

In both the Third District and Fifth District, expansion requests must be submitted to CCAP first for project input and a recommendation to the court. Counsel should not file expansion requests directly in the Court of Appeal. For more information on the procedures for obtaining preauthorization, see CCAP's article on Preauthorization Steps and Procedures.





CCAP Webpage with COVID-19 Updates

CCAP has created a webpage for COVID-19 announcements. Going forward, we will use this webpage to communicate COVID-19 updates from our courts (as we learn about them) and CCAP. Please refer to this webpage and to the courts' homepages for updates on this developing situation.

Some highlights (go to the COVID-19 announcement webpage for more details):

--Effective 6/1: CCAP's phyisical office is open with limited staff onsite. As a result, transcripts and other mail items may now be sent to CCAP's office. The majority of CCAP employees (including staff attorneys) will continue to work remotely.

--CCAP is no longer removing plastic covers from transcripts. Scientific studies now appear to show that COVID-19 remains viable on plastic surfaces up to 72 hours (previously, COVID-19 was thought to remain viable on plastic up to 9 days). In most cases, 72 hours will have elapsed from the time personnel from the trial courts and CCAP have handled the transcript to the time the panel attorney receives the transcript. Consequently, CCAP no longer considers this step as a necessity for its staff to safely handle transcripts. For anyone concerned that the virus may survive on the covers they receive, options such as wiping down the cover or "quarantining" may be considered.

Other Updates:

--The Fifth District has suspended in-person oral arguments until further notice.

--In the Third District, oral argument for the month of June 2020 will be limited to telephonic oral argument.

--The CSC has suspended in-person oral arguments until further notice.

--The CSC expanded electronic filing via TrueFiling, and no paper copies should be sent to the court.






SDAP Annual Seminar
Friday October 16, 2020

SDAP will host its annual training on Friday October 16, 2020, at the Judicial Council's conference center in San Francisco (note the date has changed due to the COVID-19 emergency). An application requesting four hours of MCLE credit for this activity (including one hour for ethics) is pending for approval by the State Bar of California.

Additional details about the training and instructions for registering will be provided by SDAP closer to the new seminar date.