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Governor Newsom Signs Criminal Justice Bills to Support Reentry and Sentencing Reform

On October 8, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed 25 bills aimed at setting a path to reform California's criminal justice system. An article from the Governor's Office on the bills is available here (external link).

Appellate practitioners may be especially interested in the following bills:

--SB 136 removes the 1-year sentence enhancement that is applied to current sentences for each prior felony jail or prison term served.

--AB 1618 prohibits plea bargains that require a defendant to generally waive unknown future potential benefits of changes in the law that may occur after the date of the plea.

--AB 484 removes a mandatory minimum sentence for certain drug crimes, allowing for judicial discretion in imposing any period of confinement.

--AB 1076 creates an automated record clearance system for low-level offenses.




Staff Attorney Job Announcement

CCAP is now accepting applications for a staff attorney position. The job announcement, which includes instructions for submitting an application, is available on CCAP’s website here (PDF).

Please feel free to share this job posting with other attorneys who may be interested in the position.


Practice Tip for Augment Motions

Motions to augment the record should not include a request to stay the appeal. Requests to stay an appeal are considered urgent and the court processes these requests differently from motions to augment. If counsel is seeking to stay an appeal, the request should be made in a separate motion.




FDAP Annual Seminar on Friday January 31, 2020

FDAP will host its annual training on January 31, 2020, at the Judicial Council's conference center in San Francisco. The training will provide a total of 6.0 hours of MCLE credit, including one hour for ethics. There will be three hours of dependency breakout sessions co-hosted by FDAP, SDAP, and CCAP.

For details and to register, visit the FDAP website seminar page (enteral link).