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You ultimately will be notified whether or not your request to join the panel is granted. Review of your application may not occur for several weeks after we receive it, and a delay of about two months at this stage is not unusual as we review and act upon applications only when we determine that there is a need to add attorneys to the existing panel. For example, applicants can be admitted, depending upon their experience and the quality of their writing samples, and depending upon our needs (such as our ratio of panel attorneys to caseload, concentrations of attorneys in certain counties and at certain levels of experience, the need for attorneys with certain areas of expertise, and the amount of assistance we can provide to panel attorneys). However, if you have heard nothing within six months of submitting your application, we encourage you to check on its status by emailing the Panel Manager: Liz Smutz.

Also, even if you are accepted to the panel, it may be a while before your name comes up in the rotation for cases. These delays do fluctuate, but we want you to be aware this process may take some time.