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Name: In re Ca.M. (2024) 100 Cal.App.5th 938
Case #: B326320
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 2 DCA
Division: 5
Opinion Date: 03/18/2024

When there is sufficient evidence to support one basis for a jurisdiction finding against a parent, any challenge to an additional basis for jurisdiction is moot. Minors were removed from their parents due to Father’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence. At the jurisdiction hearing, the juvenile court found true allegations against Mother that she failed to protect Minors from Father, allowed Minors to be in a vehicle while Father drove drunk, and that both parents failed to safely store a firearm in the home. On appeal, Mother challenged the sufficiency of evidence regarding the domestic violence allegations. The reviewing court rejected the challenge and affirmed. If any statutory basis for jurisdiction is supported by substantial evidence, it renders a challenge to any additional basis moot. Here, substantial evidence supported the jurisdiction finding that Mother failed to protect Minors from Father’s driving under the influence and thus, Mother’s challenge to any additional findings is moot.