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Name: In re K.C.
Case #: F058395
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 5 DCA
Opinion Date: 04/26/2010
Subsequent History: rev. granted 7/14/10 (S183320)

Father had no standing to raise a relative-placement issue without a showing that his interests were injuriously affected. At a hearing to terminate the father’s parental rights, the juvenile court also denied a petition by the minor’s paternal grandparents asking for relative placement. On appeal from the termination of his parental rights, the father contended that the trial court erred by denying the relative placement. The appellate court found that father did not have standing to raise the issue. A parent does not have standing to challenge an order denying a relative placement once a permanency planning hearing is pending unless the parent can show his or her interest in the child’s custody or care may be injuriously affected by the court’s decision. Here, father did not make such a showing. Had the court granted the grandparents’ request, there was still nothing which would have stopped the court from terminating the father’s parental rights. It was not the court’s decision on the placement request which directly impacted the father’s interest. Since the father raised no other issues, the court affirmed the termination of parental rights.