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Name: In re Melissa W.
Case #: B151211
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 2 DCA
Division: 3
Opinion Date: 03/19/2002
Subsequent History: Modified 4/11/02 without chng in judgment; Rev. denied 5/22/02.

Grandparents petitioned for guardianship of the 16-year-old minor, who had been living with them. The grandparents’ petition was denied, and the minor was ordered returned to the father. The order was stayed while the minor finished school and before relocating. In the interim, with her grandparents’ consent, the minor went to the Bahamas accompanied by her grandparents’ lawyer, and got married. When father learned of the marriage, he moved for dismissal of the grandparents’ appeal. The appellate court here ordered dismissal of the appeal. The grandparents could not obtain review of a judgment while being in violation of it. Further, the conduct of the grandparents in arranging the minor’s emancipation by way of a marriage rendered moot the issue of guardianship. Monetary sanctions were also imposed upon the grandparents’ counsel for prosecution of a frivolous appeal, and a State Bar investigation was initiated.