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Name: People v. Bolden
Case #: S022173
Court: CA Supreme Court
District CalSup
Opinion Date: 12/05/2002
Subsequent History: Cert. den. 5/5/03

Conviction and penalty affirmed in a capital case. Guilt phase issues addressed included the rulings on juror challenges for cause; the adequacy of the trial court’s general voir dire; the limitation on peremptory challenges; admissibility of evidence of: prior robberies, knife scraping tests, and expert testimony concerning the knife-scraping tests; the sufficiency of evidence that the killing occurred during a robbery; denial of a mistrial motion; the jury instructions: defining robbery, on the robbery special circumstance, on consent to taking, and on intent to kill as an element of the robbery special circumstance; the suspension of jury deliberations during the holidays; and prosecutorial misconduct.