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Name: People v. Bush
Case #: C035985
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 3 DCA
Opinion Date: 05/03/2001
Subsequent History: Rev. den. 8/8/01

Appellant’s vehicle was stopped because it had no registration stickers. The officer who stopped the vehicle radioed the dispatcher to check the status of the registration and appellant’s license, and learned not only that the vehicle was unregistered and appellant’s license was expired, but that he had a history of possessing weapons and of “very violent behavior.” The information regarding violent behavior was later discovered to be six years old. The officer ordered appellant out of the car and searched the vehicle, finding a loaded handgun. The denial of appellant’s suppression motion was affirmed. The information did not have to be discounted because it was six years old. The information received provided specific and articulable facts which reasonably warranted the officer in believing that appellant was dangerous and might gain immediate control of weapons.