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Name: People v. Tardy
Case #: B163585
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 2 DCA
Division: 7
Opinion Date: 10/15/2003
Subsequent History: None

The charge of robbery with a prior prison term (Pen.Code sec. 667.5, subd. (b)) provided defendant with adequate notice to support a conviction for petit theft with a prior. (Pen. Code sec. 666.) Here the defendant admitted the facts charged in the information, after having been advised of the People’s intent to request a felony sentence under section 666. Also, as all of the necessary facts of a section 666 conviction were provided by the pleading of the other charges, this case is unlike People v. Mancebo (2002) 27 Cal.4th 735, and People v. Haskin (1992) 4 Cal.App.4th 1434, where the facts were not pled.