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Name: People v. Williams
Case #: B152020
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 2 DCA
Division: 2
Opinion Date: 10/08/2002
Subsequent History: Opinion mod. & Rehg. denied 11/1/02. Rev. denied 1/15/03.

At appellant’s trial for numerous domestic violence related offenses, videotaped testimony of the complaining witness was admitted pursuant to Evidence Code section 1370. The victim, who suffered from documented physical and mental disabilities, was also available as a witness, but was examined outside the presence of the jury and appellant. Here, the appellate court held that appellant was not denied his right to confront witnesses, to be present at trial, and to due process. The videotape was recorded while the victim was in the courtroom and was examined by counsel, and while appellant was in a detention cell wired so he could hear her and communicate with his counsel. Further, the trial court did not err when it admitted the videotaped recording of a police interview with the victim, because it was a prior consistent statement and was not unduly prejudicial.