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Name: V.C. v. Superior Court
Case #: H035602
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 6 DCA
Opinion Date: 09/15/2010

A request for 6 more months of reunification services was properly denied where the father did not make substantial progress in the prior 18 months and there was no probability that the minor would be returned in an additional 6 months. Father was incarcerated during most of the dependency proceedings, but upon release he became involved in court-ordered programs. He sought writ relief from an order made at the 18-month review hearing terminating reunification services, and setting the matter for a section 366.26 hearing. He contended that the court should have ordered six more months of services since he was making significant progress in the short time since he had been released from prison. The petition was denied. Although the father had attended programs during his incarceration, he had not attended other available programs. Further, the minor was bonded to his foster parents and a placement change was not in his best interest. Since there was no substantial probability that the child would be returned to the father within the six months he requested, the court did not err when it terminated reunification services.