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Interim Claims Processing Effective January 2023

The JCC/ACS has now added limited-scope interim claims as noted below for three categories of time.  In addition to the normal interim claim (submitted post-AOB filing date), starting on January 1, 2023, counsel may file up to three other interim claims to provide flexibility and additional financial stability.

The new additional interim claims include:

  1. An early interim claim (pre-AOB) for hours on Line 2 on the claim form, “Record Review,” where the read pages of the record exceeds 1,500 pages;
  2. Where counsel has been waiting pre-AOB for an augmented or corrected record longer than 90 days from the motion filing date or rule 8.340 submission date; and
  3. An additional interim claim submitted after the reply brief is filed for claiming hours to capture ONLY Line 8, “Reply Brief” and Line 10, “Review of Opposing Brief” time. (Other claimed time will not be recommended and deferred by staff to the final claim.)

The letter from the JCC authorizing these new categories is available here (link to PDF).