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The statewide compensation and travel guidelines, as well as compensation matters specific to appointed cases in the Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, are included in the following documents.

Statewide Compensation Guidelines (PDF)

Shasta County Reporter’s Transcripts (effective for all new claims (interim and final) submitted on or after 9/8/2017)

Statewide Travel Guidelines (PDF)(updated 4/29/2020)

JCC Memorandum on Amended Statewide Travel Guidelines (PDF)(updated 3/8/2017)

Billing Habeas Time & Expenses Memo (PDF) (updated 3/13/14)

Appointed counsel are expected to be familiar with these guidelines, including local rules, and to consult the guidelines whenever there may be an extraordinary activity or expense in a case. Counsel are encouraged to discuss guidelines with the project buddy before incurring any unusual expense.

Prior approval for any travel other than for oral argument must be obtained for Third and Fifth District cases. Review our Preauthorization page for details.