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Tips By Topic

Line by Line Guide for Completing Your Compensation Claim

Updated: 7/27/12

Family Communication Time – Line 1 or 23?

Effective date: 04/04/08

Frivolous Issues Policy/Procedures in the Third District

A description of the Third District’s policy on frivolous issues.

Effective date: 10/25/07

Frequently Asked Questions on Calif. Supreme Court Claims


Sentence Instructions for Claims

Usage tips and examples for completing the sentence boxes on the paper claim form.


Preauthorization Procedures


When to Submit an Interim Claim

When can an interim claim be submitted in a case? When can an early interim be submitted for a long record case?

Per Diem Expenses

Frequently asked questions about the per diem allowance and travel expense reimbursement as applied to Third and Fifth District Courts of Appeal cases.

Interpreter & Travel Expenses

Limits for CCAP preauthorization for Third & Fifth Districts

Avoiding Claim Processing Delays

Tips for expediting compensation claims for the savvy biller.

Receipts for Expenses

JCC policy on receipts for claimed expenses.