faq for csc claims


Frequently Asked Questions for Calif. Supreme Court Claims

Q: Does the project review the claim?
A: No. Those claims are submitted directly to the California Supreme Court, Attn: Lori Rittweger, Appointed Counsel Claims Administrator, 350 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.


Q: When can I file a claim on the related Court of Appeal case?
A: All Court of Appeal appointed attorneys -- both those who are additionally appointed by the Supreme Court and those who are not appointed -- may file their final claim in their Court of Appeal case with CCAP once they have completed their work on the case, usually this is immediately following the filing the Petition for Review. 


Q: What if the Supreme Court subsequently remands the case to the Court of Appeal; can I file a supplemental final claim?
A: Yes. If the Supreme Court subsequently remands the case to the Court of Appeal for further work, your Court of Appeal appointment reactivates and you may file a supplemental final claim for the additional work done on the case at the Court of Appeal level. (This is true even if another attorney was appointed at the Supreme Court level.)


Q: If I have a question about my Supreme Court claim, do I call the JCC?
A: No, the JCC does not handle Supreme Court claims. Instead, call Lori Rittweger, Appointed Counsel Claims Administrator, at the California Supreme Court for questions: (415) 865-7012.


Q: What claim form do I use, or is it the same as the Court of Appeal one?
A: Yes, use the same Appellate Claim Form (external link).


Q: What is the compensation rate for a Supreme Court case?
A: The rate is determined by the 3-tier hourly rates at the time of the appointment for the Supreme Court case. See the Rate Information Page for this calculation.


Q: Do the statewide guidelines for compensation in the Court of Appeal apply to Supreme Court cases?
A: The Supreme Court uses the same statewide guidelines, although they do not have the hour "benchmarks." [CCAP recommends that you bill your full time. Explain any item that is over statewide guidelines or is unusual.]


Q: Can I claim per diem expenses?
A: Yes if the statewide per diem expense allowances for meals and travel apply. See our Frequently Asked Questions About Per Diem Expenses article to determine how to calculate per diem travel expenses.


Q: Can I claim time for record review?
A: Yes, but only a minimal amount of time is expected here unless appointed counsel is not the same appointed counsel as in the lower court.


Q: Can I claim time for moot court?
A: Yes, bill it as part of your preparation for oral argument and itemize your time for preparation, moot court, and actual oral argument.


Q: What is the "Lower Court Case No." on page 1 of the claim form for a Supreme Court case?
A: It is the Court of Appeal number.


Q: Do I need to send receipts with my claim?
A: Yes. The Supreme Court billing must include receipts for flight, train, rental car and/or hotel. Receipts are also required for any single expense item over $100. If cumulatively an expense item exceeds $100, then itemize it.


Q: Can I claim Admin Time in Line 22?
A: Yes. The Supreme Court has now adopted the JCC's policy of allowing up to 1.0 hour of compensation in this category.