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When Can An Interim Claim Be Filed?

Starting on January 1, 2023, counsel may file up to four different types of interim claims to provide flexibility and additional financial stability. Please read the description for submission eligibility:

Interim claims now include:

  • A pre-AOB interim claim:

(1) where the pages read/record length exceeds 1,500 pages;

(2) where counsel has been waiting for an augmented or corrected record longer than 90 days. For these types of early interim claims, counsel will only be compensated for time spent on record review (Line 2). All other categories of work can and should be billed on the interim claim submitted after the AOB is filed, as is standard practice.

  • After the filing of the AOB.
  • An additional, post-AOB interim claim may be submitted after the reply brief is filed. The only additional time billed should be for time spent on drafting the reply brief itself (Line 8) and for reviewing the opposing brief (Line 10).

A panel attorney may be able to submit an interim claim in other circumstances but exceptions to the existing policy may be made only through advance arrangement, e.g., attorney hardship for health reasons. Please contact your assigned CCAP staff attorney to discuss your hardship circumstances. The executive director must ultimately approve a hardship request and seek approval from the JCC panel/project manager.

Counsel who substitutes into a case after the opening brief was previously filed by prior counsel may file an interim claim that meets any of the above criteria.