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Electronic Transcript Copies in the Fifth District

The Fifth District is now providing useful options for obtaining electronic transcripts in appointed cases. This court still has a local order Misc. Order No. 2017-01 in effect. The practical effect of this order is that appointed counsel for Fifth District cases receive clerk’s and reporter’s transcripts from the trial court in paper format in lieu of an electronic transcript as otherwise provided for in Cal. Code of Civ. Procedure, sec. 271. Often counsel cannot opt to timely request the alternative e-copy be delivered instead of the paper version.

Understanding the efficiencies and convenience that an electronic copy of the record provides counsel, starting December 6, 2023, the Court of Appeal will provide two options for fielding requests for an additional electronic copy of the record:

  1. Counsel may purchase an electronic copy by contacting the Court of Appeal clerk’s office by emailing the appropriate team based on case type: 

    Civil –
    Crim/Delinquency –
    Dependency/Writs –

    The cost is $20 for the clerk’s transcript, $20 for the reporter’s transcript, or $40 for both. A deputy clerk will contact counsel by phone for credit card payment; OR

  2. Truefile a written request to the court showing good cause why the court should provide counsel an additional free copy of the record in electronic format; service copy only to CCAP.

Please do not call the court clerk to initiate these options.

Important Claim Note from CCAP: The cost for purchasing an electronic transcript from the Fifth District should not be included as an expense on your claim form. Counsel who choose to purchase a second copy of the record for their own convenience will not be reimbursed by the state under current JCC/AIDOAC compensation policies that entitle counsel to only one free copy of the record for their indigent client. Current statewide compensation guidelines support reimbursing counsel for making second copies of the record only in limited circumstances. (See California Appointed Counsel Claims Manual, rev 2023 Nov 20; version 2.8, “Printing a Digital Record,” p. 27.)