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Presentence Custody Credits: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted: 6/2019

Presentence Custody Credits (PDF)

Conduct Credits Calculator

This chart provides instructions on calculating presentence conduct credit under Penal Code sections 4019 and 2933 in the Third and Fifth Districts.

Fares Motions & Procedures

Updated: 04/24/09

Watch a corresponding MCLE training video under "Guilty Plea" (link will open in new window) Panel only

Official CDCR Custody Credits Guide

Posted: 5/16/16

This chart describes the credits that are actually being awarded by CDCR, including, for example 1/3 credits (one day for every two days served) for a prisoner sentenced as a second striker for a nonviolent offense (even though contrary to the Three Strikes law, but implemented to resolve prison over-crowding).

CDCR Custody Credits (PDF)