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This area of our site offers project analysis of Prop 36 and its potential application to current or former clients. Please click on the "Samples" tab above to view collected sample arguments as they become available.

On November 7, 2012, the California voters approved Proposition 36, entitled the "Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012." Proposition 36 limits life sentences under Three Strikes law to cases where the current felony is serious or violent, with exceptions, and gives most others a doubled term. Resentencing is available under PC 1170.126.

Proposition 36 Articles & Memos From the Projects

"The Amendment of the Three Strikes Sentencing Law" (PDF and web link will open in new window)article by J. Richard Couzens, Judge of the Superior Court County of Placer (Ret.) and Tricia A. Bigelow, Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Div. 8.

Updated 3/11/13: New! Appendix H is a table of crimes that now qualify for Third Strike sentencing.

The projects greatly appreciate Judge Couzens and Justice Bigelow's contributions to the discussion of Three Strikes law and Prop 36 amendments, and for generously sharing their expertise in this sentencing area with the greater legal community.

ADI Preliminary Analysis - ADI's initial overview of the new law (web link will open in new window)

FDAP Analysis - FDAP's initial overview memo on the new law (PDF and web link will open in new window)