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California Victim Compensation Board Claims and Actual Innocence Finding by Federal Court

Case Name: Souliotes v. California Victim Compensation Bd.
Case #: S267930/B295163
Last Updated: December 8, 2022

(1) Does a federal court’s “gateway” finding of actual innocence (Schlup v. Delo (1995) 513 U.S. 298) satisfy the “factually innocent” standard of Penal Code section 1485.55, subdivision (a), for entitlement to compensation by a person wrongfully convicted and incarcerated? (2) Are the factual findings and credibility determinations made in a federal court’s Schlup order binding on state courts under Penal Code section 1485.5, subdivision (c)? (Souliotes v. California Victim Compensation Bd. (2021) 61 Cal.App.5th 73, review granted 6/9/2021 (S267930/B295163).)

On 9/21/2022, the court transferred Souliotes for reconsideration in light of Senate Bill No. 446 (Stats. 2021, ch. 490, § 1) and Senate Bill No. 632 (Stats. 2022, ch. 133, § 1(a)).

Review on this issue had also been granted with briefing deferred in:

  • Larsen v. California Victim Comp. Bd. (2021) 64 Cal.App.5th 112, mod. 64 Cal.App.5th 875a, review granted 8/25/2021 (S269406/B297857)


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