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Did Defendant Meaningfully Understood the Immigration Consequences of Her Plea

Case Name: In re Hernandez (F076752) [nonpub. opn.], review granted 12/20/2023
Case #: S282186/F076752
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

Does the totality of the circumstances establish that defendant meaningfully understood the immigration consequences of her plea?

Review on this issue has also been granted with briefing deferred in:

Second District

  • People v. Chweya (B301780) [nonpub. opn.], review granted 1/31/2024 (S282832)
  • People v. Taghilou (B324856) [nonpub. opn.], review granted 2/21/2024 (S283275)

Fifth District

  • People v. Ojeda (F084804) [nonpub. opn.], review granted 1/10/2024 (S282330)
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