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Issue Spotting Overview In 602 Appeals

Updated: 8/31/11

Download Issue Spotting Overview in 602 Appeals (PDF) 

July 1, 2010 Changes to the Rules of Court – including delinquency rules

Updated: 07/01/10

Recommended as your “summer reading,” this article outlines notable changes to the Rules of Court effective July 1, 2010, including many rules within the delinquency context

Download Changes to the Rules of Court (PDF)

Basic Juvenile Criminal Law & Procedure

Posted: 04/2011

by Alan Siraco, Kathryn Seligman & Richard Braucher (FDAP, April 2011)
Link to original article located on the FDAP website (external link).

Differences In Handling Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Posted: 04/07/09

Download Difference in Handling Juvenile Delinquency Cases (PDF)

Juvenile Justice Fact Sheet, “Highlights From Pathways to Desistance: A Logitudinal Study of Serious Adolescent Offenders”

Posted: March 2011

Download Juvenile Justice Fact Sheet (PDF)

Juveniles and the Fourth Amendment

Search & seizure law for 602 appeals (April 2002 CCAP Seminar)

Download Juveniles and the Fourth Amendment (PDF)

The 4th Amendment in the Classroom & in the Hallway

An analysis of the Randy G. case