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California Courts Main page


Appellate Case Information – Online Court Dockets This site is the index docket web page for the California Supreme Court and all six of the appellate court districts which can be directly accessed and searched by Court, Case Number, Party, Attorney or by Case Caption

Appellate Advocacy College 2000 These materials were prepared in April 2000 for use in the Appellate Advocacy College presented May 15-26, 2000, by the Judicial Council’s Appellate Indigent Defense Oversight Advisory Committee and the California Appellate Projects.

JCC JCER – Bench Handbooks & Benchguides This webpage has Bench Handbooks, including ICWA and Managing Gang-Related Cases. It also has a series of Benchguides sorted by topic.

California Supreme Court – Briefing for cases before the CSC Briefs filed in California Supreme Court cases argued since 2012 are available for download on the Supreme Court’s website. When new cases are set for oral argument, brief are posted on the court’s website on the same day.

California Supreme Court – How to Petition for Review This FAQ web page addresses many questions about the petition process and specific requirements.

California Courts of Appeal Briefing The LA Law Library maintains a broad collection of California Courts of Appeal briefs. While retaining a large number of briefs in print format, LA Law Library is also digitizing briefs and making them available online. The digital collection includes briefs from 1999 to the present. Once patrons have identified an appellate case, they can request paper copies of briefs at the Reference Desk by phone or in person. Patrons can request email copies of briefs by completing an online form.

California Superior Courts Phone number, address and web site for each court. Or use our directory of courts, listed by county.

Certified Court Interpreters Master List of Certified Court Interpreters of Designated Languages and Registered Interpreters of Nondesignated Languages

Court Minutes Minutes of Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court for the past year, published in .PDF and Word formats.

Opinions This page contains: slip opinions for the past sixty days; unpublished opinions for the past 60 days, and published opinions for Cal Supreme and Courts of Appeal, dating from 1850 – present. This last feature is available for free from Lexis-Nexis.

Rules of Court

Tour of California Courts Page Includes court news and other helpful information, some of which is summarized in the following links.