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JCC Forms for Extension of Time Requests Have Been Amended

Effective January 1, 2024, the JCC forms for requesting an extension of time (EOT) to file a brief in criminal and juvenile cases in the Courts of Appeal have been amended to explicitly provide that the statement of reasons for the EOT request should address “possible prejudice” to the defendant/appellant (or parties in dependency cases). In light of this amendment, CCAP recommends that the statement of reasons should always address whether the defendant/appellant will be prejudiced as a critical component of the statement.

In an effort to help prevent some technical difficulties panel attorneys have faced when using JCC forms that have been locked with security features, CCAP has created unlocked versions of the new forms, which are available on CCAP’s website:

If you have any technical issues using CCAP’s versions of the EOT request forms, please reach out to If you would like to use the official JCC forms, they are available on the Courts’ website: CR-126, JV-816, JV-817.

As a reminder, both the Third District and Fifth District appreciate and prefer when counsel use the EOT request forms. You can read more about the Courts’ EOT policies in CCAP’s EOT article here.