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New Year’s Message From CCAP

Please join me in the new year welcoming Supervising Attorney Monique Boldin as Assistant Director and part of the CCAP management team. Monique will continue in her roles as a team leader, CCAP’s Claims Administrator, and providing panel assistance, while she learns the business side of CCAP. She will be introduced to various administrative duties alongside Assistant Director Gary McCurdy and me. Monique is recognized by our staff as an energetic, approachable, positive mentor in all of her varied roles and responsibilities. Her experience, intelligence and common sense have proved invaluable to CCAP. In her new position we expect that she will continue to advance the mission of our project to better serve the interests of the clients, the panel attorneys, the courts and the governmental agencies with which CCAP interacts.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome aboard, Monique!

Laurel Thorpe
Executive Director


I am privileged to serve CCAP’s panel members in this new capacity as Assistant Director. My various roles at CCAP have allowed me to witness the incredible work that each of you do to promote social justice among some of the most vulnerable people in our society while maintaining resilience and hope in the face of challenge. It is truly inspiring. I am also grateful for all that I have learned over the years from my colleagues, who are dedicated in their support and enhancement of the work that the projects do to support the panel.

As you know, in the last several years there has been an unprecedented wave of new legislation and case law affecting our practice. Most of the change has been favorable in that they ameliorate some of the harsh laws and sentencing schemes that disproportionately affect indigent and minority clients. While it is true that a portion of the incoming cases, like resentencing appeals, afford the opportunity to develop new issues, others may seem somewhat routine or repetitious. Nonetheless, at this time, CCAP needs the support of our panel attorneys to help keep up with appointments in order to extend the intended benefits of legislation to eligible clients. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to assisting those who are fighting to be heard in a world where they have no voice.

CCAP is lucky to have an exceptionally talented and resilient panel of attorneys. I look forward to developing new ways to support and communicate with you regarding our shared mission to seek justice and enhance the dignity of not only our clients, but also the dependency and criminal defense bar.

With the hope of increasing transparency and fostering communication between CCAP and its panel attorneys, I will be sending out periodic updates to offer a glimpse into what is happening inside CCAP.

A View Inside CCAP: The Appointment Process

There has been a dramatic statewide rise in appellate cases in the last year. Coupled with the reality of panel attorney retirements and job changes, many projects are experiencing difficulty matching attorneys with cases. CCAP is evaluating its procedures in an attempt to streamline the matching and offer process, so we ask for your patience as we go through some growing pains and adjustments. As always, our goals are to ensure that cases are adequately matched to attorneys by experience level and special interests, to provide sufficient cases for attorneys to make a livable income, and to provide training and resources to all our panel members. We are especially interested in providing training opportunities to panel attorneys who want to advance to advocacy in more complex cases.

You will likely receive multiple offers in your inbox each month. If you are unavailable, please let us know when you may be able to accept a new case. Be aware that you may receive an offer before your stated availability date. This is in part due to our appointers taking note of attorneys with special interests or expertise, which makes them a good match for the case. We also try to offer cases to attorneys who previously represented the same client, to promote efficiency and continuity for the appellant.

Please contact support staff member Kimberly Krantz ( if you are available for a new case and if you are interested in a particular type of case or legal issue. Our staff attorneys review the notice of appeal and portions of the record, but we may not be aware of all potential issues in a case. Additional information about the case can be provided upon request.

If you are interested in training programs to help you advance to more complex cases, please let me know. CCAP collaborates with the other appellate projects to provide seminars and casework for attorneys of all experience levels to advance expeditiously on our panel. Please take advantage of as much of this free training as possible and let us know if you would like to try a new case type based on what you’ve learned.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Monique Boldin