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Name: People v. Ferenz (2024) 99 Cal.App.5th 1032
Case #: H049430
Court: CA Court of Appeal
District 6 DCA
Opinion Date: 01/26/2024
Subsequent History: ordered published 2/21/2024

Police reports, district attorney investigative reports, interview transcripts, preliminary hearing transcripts, and prior conviction records were properly attached to prosecutor’s statement of view pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.01. Defendant pleaded no contest to rape of an unconscious person, forcible rape, and dissuading a witness and was sentenced to state prison. Prior to sentencing, the prosecutor submitted a statement of view, which included the above-refenced attachments, noting the materials could be relevant to assess defendant for possible treatment as a sexually violent predator (SVP). On appeal, defendant argued the attachments impermissibly went beyond the scope of the crimes committed, contained…

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