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"The Diddle of Harmless Error" (how to argue prejudice)

Posted: 8/25/11

This article by George Schraer and Charles Sevilla on arguing prejudice is from the 2011 CACJ Appellate Practice Seminar.

Overcoming Challenges of Forfeiture

Posted: 8/25/11

This article by George Schraer and Charles Sevilla on waiver and forfeiture issues is from the 2010 CACJ Appellate Practice Seminar.

Everything You Need to Know About Preparing Dependency Briefing

Updated: 02/15/10

Article accompanying CCAP’s presentation for the 2010 CADC Conference (Sacramento) – Dependency Breakout Session

The Art of Structuring a Well-Written Appellate Argument

How to focus an appellate argument efficiently and thoroughly, with an emphasis on an organizational approach and effective advocacy.

Watch 2 related MCLE videos on this subject under “Fundamentals”:
“Writing for Persuasion” & “Writing, Organizing & Editing Your Appellate Brief” (external link website is for panel attorneys only) 

Sample AOB

Sample AOB with briefing analysis & notations interjected by CCAP.

Preparing an Effective Reply Brief

Posted: 9/28/09

A primer for drafting reply briefs.

Submitting Supplemental Authorities

Posted: 8/25/10

An article discussing the importance of updating authorities once briefing is complete and how to do so.

Handling People's Appeals and Cross Appeals

Posted: 11/10/09

A primer for representing a defendant in People’s appeals and cross appeals.

Tips for Happy Judicial Attorneys

A collection of tips from the judicial attorneys at the Third and the Fifth District Court of Appeal, regarding brief writing. Keep those attorneys on your good side!

Using Legislative History In California Appeals

Posted: 10/8/10

An article discussing the different approaches taken by the courts on submitting legislative history.

Basic Citation Formats (Bluebook vs. Calif. Style Manual)

A side-by-side comparison of proper citation form in appellate briefs.

Writing Briefs With Style

A primer for proper citation form in appellate briefs.

Using WordPerfect’s Legal Tools - Shortcut Steps to Create Your Tables

How to create a Table of Contents & Table of Authorities using WordPerfect’s Legal toolbar (WordPerfect versions 12 or higher). Steps for the self-sufficient attorney who wants to auto-generate tables rather than hand create them.

How to Do a 50-State Statute Comparison Online at

This article explains how to do a 50-state comparison search on (using the Full Federal package) without incurring additional charges.