changes for: 1) address, 2) Phone, 3) email, or 4) Tax ID Number

1) Submitting a Change of Address?

NOTE: Use of the JCC/Project Information Sheet (external link) is mandatory for any change of address.

The Judicial Council of California (JCC) requires a signed original form be submitted to them, with a copy postal mailed to each project that you work with. The JCC address is on the form.

Remember to notify the court and client on every open case whenever you change your business address.

Finally, it is strongly recommended that for privacy and safety reasons you use only postal mail and an address other than your home address for your business address. (See "Setting Up Your Office" article in the efficiency series for new panel attorneys.)

pdf documentJCC and Appellate Project Attorney Information Sheet (PDF)


Is this a private mail box address?

If you rent a mail box space at a private company (a "commercial mail receiving agency," or CMRA) with an address that looks like a regular office address, please review the proper way to designate a CMRA address. "Mail Boxes Etc." is an example of this type of mail box service.

If you use a CMRA and your incoming mail does not comply with the postal service CMRA regulations, you will not get letters from your clients, documents from the courts, or compensation checks from the State.

Does this affect your direct deposit?

If you have direct deposit and then change your address the JCC may temporarily suspend your direct deposit until they have verified deposit instructions, or they may convert it to a mailed check. To avoid any lapse in direct deposit, send the JCC a direct deposit instruction notice at the same time as your change of address. (See instructions below.)


2) Changing ONLY a Phone Number?

If you are only changing your business phone number, you do not need to submit the above form, you may simply email that change to CCAP at:


3) Changing ONLY an Email Address?

If you are changing an email address, you need to submit a "Panel Attorney Email Election Form" to CCAP. Since there are three email choices listed on the form, we appreciate your verifying all three email choices are still current.

pdf documentCCAP Panel Attorney e-Mail Election Form (PDF)

IMPORTANT! Remember to notify the court and other parties for a change of email address. (Calif. Rules of Court, rules 8.32(b)(1) [attorney info on pending cases] and 8.71(d) [e-filing service address].)


4) Changing a Taxpayer Identification Number?
A New W-9 is Required!

Any change for Tax ID is a separate form.

The Judicial Council of California requires a signed original IRS W-9 form (external link) be submitted to them, along with a new JCC/Project Information Sheet (external link).

DO NOT send W-9's to CCAP, as the projects no longer need this information

Send the signed original to:
Judicial Council of California
Alberto Cruz, Accounting Unit
455 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102