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How do I file a petition for review?

Article: What Everyone Should Know About Preparing a Petition for Review

Client Instructions With Sample Petition for Review

Instructions for client

Sample Petition for Review

Sample Petition for Review

Tip: Service Copies of Petition for Review Need Not Include Opinion
Although rule 8.504(b)(4) requires the Court of Appeal opinion be attached to a petition for review filed in the Supreme Court if the petition seeks review of the opinion, it is silent as to service copies. (See rule 8.500(e), (f).) The Court of Appeal, of course, already has the opinion; and Attorney General or County Counsel, CCAP, superior court, and counsel for other parties have received it as well. For this reason, service copies do not need to include the opinion.  For paper copies, omitting the opinion saves copying and delivery costs for appointed counsel and saves recipients the cost of storing duplicate opinions.

Sample Grant & Hold Petition

Grant & Hold Petition

Grant & Hold Petition (WordPerfect doc)

Grant & Hold Petition

Sample Exhaustion Petition

Exhaustion Petition

Exhaustion Petition (WordPerfect doc)

Exhaustion Petition

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