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Appellate Record Checklist

Updated: 2/1/13

Appellate Record Checklist article: Procedural checklist for augmentation or obtaining missing normal record items in the appellate record.

Record Checklist Worksheet (PDF): Our augment worksheet can be used while reading the record to note what items are needed.

Confidential & Sealed Records

Updated: 7/1/13

Pitchess Record Policy article (PDF)

Pitchess Issue AOB sample (PDF)

Marsden and Other Sealed Records

Fares Motions & Procedures

Updated: 08/18/08

Fares Motions & Procedures article: A roadmap for resolving credits and other correction requests in the trial court, such as correction of the abstract of judgment, using both the informal and formal motion procedures discussed in Fares and Clavel.

Redaction of Juror Identifying Information

Third District policy: When counsel discovers unredacted personal juror-identity information in the record, counsel should notify the court clerk by letter (with service copies) immediately. In addition, counsel should identify whether the juror involved in the unredacted portion actually served on the sitting jury panel or not.

Fifth District issued policy: The court’s formal policy was issued in February 2003. The policy states that appointed counsel must notify the Court of Appeal immediately upon counsel’s discovery of the presence in the record of any unredacted personal juror identifying information. The court will then issue a corrective order, depending on the amount of redaction needed and whether the court has completed its review of the record.

Settled Statements: Procedures for Appellate Counsel

Updated: 10/26/10

The Third and the Fifth District have slightly different procedures for where to file an application to obtain a Settled Statement from the superior court. Those differences and other tips are described in this article.

Settled Statement article (PDF)

Settled Statement samples