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  1. TrueFiling became mandatory for all filings in the Fifth District as of May 11, 2015.
  2. TrueFiling became mandatory for all filings in the Third District as of September 14, 2015.
  3. TrueFiling website quick link
  4. Site troubleshooting & technical support from TF is available from 5am – 6pm PST: (855) 959-8868 or email them

Misc. FAQ About Truefiling

1. eService questions?

See our eService Requirements & FAQ page.

2. Do counties within jurisdiction of the Third or Fifth districts allow eService?

A: Yes. See our eService Address List page.

3. Need help creating a ready-for-TF document?

See the Court’s Guide to Creating Electronic Documents/Filings (External PDF)

4. Register for TrueFiling only once

If you have already registered for TrueFiling in one District Court of Appeal, DO NOT register again. You will be able to add the Third and Fifth DCAs to your existing TrueFiling account.

5. What about original “wet” signatures for the Word Count certificate and the Proof of Service?

A: For both the Proof of Service and the Word Count certificate, both courts will forego the need for an original document “wet” signature on a TrueFiled document. A scanned copy of your signature is not required. (See Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.75, Third Dist., Local Rules, rule 5(d) Electronic Filing; and Fifth Dist., Local Rules, rule 8(c) Electronic Filing.)

For signatures on e-filed documents, type “/S/ YOUR NAME” above the signature line or leave it blank.

For the Word Count, provide the count and maintain the signed copy in your file (a good business practice).

For the Proof of Service and other documents submitted under penalty of perjury such as an EOT, the party filing the proof of service must maintain the printed form of the document bearing the declarant’s wet signature and must make the document available for inspection and copying at the request of the court or another party. (See options Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.75.)

6. Can I use my normal business email for TF, or use another one?

A: It is your choice. Some attorneys prefer not to maintain more than one email address that they must check. Counsel is strongly encouraged, however, to consider whether it suits their practice to set up a standardized separate email address with either their current email provider or with a free email service provider such as Gmail or Yahoo for this. This email address may also be listed on the appointment order.

7. Do I have to pay the TrueFiling convenience fees?

A: Yes. All appointed case filings must pay the required fee for TrueFiling a document (currently $7.50 per document) and the eService fee IF you choose to also eServe via the TrueFiling process (currently $3.00 per document). Panel attorneys will need to provide a credit card or debit card to complete all e-filing transactions. Pre-paid debit cards, like debit cards tied to a bank account, are acceptable. Because panel attorneys will be reimbursed for these fees, there is no court procedure for panel attorneys to apply for a fee waiver. Note: Fees are required notwithstanding the appointed counsel fee waiver button that appears on the filing screen. Fee waivers apply only to indigent non-represented appellants.

If you are mistakenly charged other fees, please contact customer service at TrueFiling.

Many panel attorneys choose to save the eService fees charged by TrueFiling by opting instead to electronically serve the AG, other counsel, and the project directly via their own email. (See our TF eService Requirements & FAQ page .) Others prefer the simplicity of eService via the TrueFiling process as “one and done.”

8. Will I be reimbursed for the TrueFiling convenience fees?

A: Yes. All TrueFiling fees are reimbursable for panel attorneys. Claim the fees on expense line #6 in CCAP’s WebClaims; add a comment, “TrueFiling fees.” (It is enormously helpful to the CCAP staff attorney if you also state the number of filings in your comment. Thank you!)