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MCLE Training Overview

CCAP currently provides two different types of MCLE training throughout the year. CCAP is a State Bar of California MCLE Provider. CCAP activities have been pre-approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California. CCAP is also certified to provide credit toward a specialization in appellate and criminal law, depending on the topic being presented.

Current Events includes quarterly “Roundtable” speaker events hosted at the CCAP law office and usually lasting approximately an hour. These events cover a variety of topics of interest to both panel and other local appellate attorneys. Select Current Events from the side bar menu to view upcoming events.

The MCLE Training Site is a “closed” access video training site hosted by CCAP. The purpose of the site is to facilitate user-friendly project training to enhance and develop the education, practice skills, and research/writing skills of current appointed appellate practitioners. A user must be on one or more of the state appointed panels to use this site.


Training Events

Updated:  3/2022

CCAP Presents Roundtable Training!

There are no Roundtable Events currently scheduled.

Local County Bar Training Events

The Sacramento County Bar Association, Appellate Law Section:

The Appellate Section currently has no training dates scheduled.