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Searches in the Search Document Bank will gather documents from three database categories:

  1. The Briefbank
  2. Published Case Summaries
  3. Panel victories (either published or unpublished)

Use Instructions:

Use the left-side navigation menu to begin searching the document bank.

To search using either a quick or advanced search, click on one of these options under Search Document Bank. All three areas of the database will be searched.

If you want to browse through the document bank to see what is under each topic or category, click on Browse Document Bank. (This takes a few seconds to load.) Open up each category by clicking on it. The three areas are color coded in the browse-mode results.

For help, click on Search Tips.


Research Advisory

The materials in the Document Bank are collected by CCAP from a variety of sources. CCAP has not made any attempt to edit or monitor these materials after their initial upload and is not responsible for its content or format. CCAP cannot guarantee the information is complete, accurate or up-to-date. You are advised to conduct your own independent, comprehensive research on all issues addressed in the Document Bank; cases may be depublished, amended or overruled. We do hope you will find the materials helpful in issue spotting and/or simplifying a draft of a new argument.