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Fifth District Policy Update: CCAP is Now Authorized to Approve up to $600 in Travel Expenses

Panel attorneys must obtain preapproval for all travel expenses (other than for oral argument) to be reimbursed for these expenses. Previously, in Fifth District cases, panel attorneys had to submit a travel expense request directly to the court for consideration and approval. The Fifth District has now changed its policy and has authorized CCAP to approve up to $600 in travel expenses without court screening. However, CCAP's authorization is limited and does not include habeas investigation. For travel expense requests that are under $600, the Fifth District's preauthorization policy is now the same as the Third District.

For preapproval for travel expenses that exceed $600, send the expense request directly to the court for consideration and approval. (CCAP can lend assistance to counsel in framing the request, but does not offer a recommendation unless it is requested by the court.)

For more information, see CCAP's article Preauthorization Steps and Procedures.


CCAP's New Claims
System is Live!

CCAP's new claims system, WebClaims, is now live and available for use.

You will need to register by following these simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Enter your State Bar Number in the first box. Please note that you will need to enter it as a six-digit number. For example, if your State Bar Number is five digits (86608), you will need to add a zero to the front of the number (086608).
3. Click on the "Forgot Password" link.
4. Retrieve the temporary password sent to your email.
5. Return to the site and enter your State Bar Number and temporary password. (Note: Your private password must be at least eight characters in length, including at least one upper case letter and at least one number. CCAP will not know your password. If you forget it, use the Forgot Password link.)

We have migrated all of CCAP's existing claims in the eClaims system to CCAP's WebClaims system, including claims that were not yet submitted, claims that were submitted, claims that were gathered by CCAP, and claims that have been sent to the JCC. If you have a claim that is partially complete, you will need to review each stage before you can submit the claim.

Like eClaims, most steps should be relatively self-explanatory. However, if you have any questions or need technical assistance with WebClaims, please contact our claims administrator Kim Parris (916-441-3792) or email her at



CCAP Holiday Schedule

Wednesday July 4: Closed


JCC policy on receipts for claimed expenses

The JCC has told the projects that counsel in the California Appellate Court Appointed Counsel (CAC) Program must retain documentation for claimed expenses. Documentation includes, but is not limited to, invoices, receipts, copying and mileage logs, and other records that support claims for expenses. Although documentation need not be submitted with a fee claim, the JCC or project may request documentation with regard to expenses. The burden of proof rests with appointed counsel to substantiate their claims. For tax purposes, the California Franchise Tax Board suggests keeping such documentation for at least seven (7) years, which would also cover audits of the CAC program.