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Why Disable Norton?

Unfortunately, the Norton Internet Security software is know to cause many problems on some web pages, including CCAP's. The software will automatically insert code into pages before it displays them to you in your Internet browser. Most of the time, you will never notice a difference.

However, there are several pages on our site that Norton "breaks" which causes them to only be partially displayed. The following instructions will allow you to temporarily get around this problem.


Use with Caution

Although these instructions were gathered from the Norton/Symantec web site, you should use them with caution. These instructions are for advanced users and they show you how to temporarily disable the Norton Internet Security ( NIS ) software installed on your computer.

If you are not familiar with your computer settings, it is recommended that you do not attempt to change these settings without the help of a professional. CCAP is not liable for any changes you make to the software or software settings on your computer.


Ok, show me how!

First, locate the NIS icon in your system tray. It should look like one of these two icons.

NIS icons


Next, right click on the NIS icon and you should see this pop-up menu:

pop-up menu


From this menu, select Disable Norton Internet Security and you should see the following screen:

Protection Alert screen


On this screen, select the amount of time to disable NIS and then click the OK button. After NIS is disabled, the broken pages on our site should load just fine.